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Decks, Lights, and Design by Dan

About Dan Troxel, Owner of Decks, Lights, and Design by Dan

It is a passion for ensuring your complete and overall enjoyment and satisfaction from beginning to end. That is my philosophy on how to run this business. In fact, it is the only way I'll ever run this business.

A Family of Builders

I guess you could say that building is in the family bloodline. Growing up in Wichita, Kansas, my father owned a small remodeling company and later started building small houses. I was able to start working with him initially on weekends and we worked together through my high school years.
My early experience in building enabled me to seek out and discover that I really enjoyed learning the trade. I became fascinated with structural engineering and the creative thinking involved with design even though I had no formal training.

Building Decks Since 1980

I have been in the outdoor building trade since 1980. Originally working with a swimming pool contractor put me in contact with deck builders. I started noticing that there was a lot of room for variety in the outdoor building trade. That's when I began building decks around the pools we had installed the previous year.
It turns out those small pool decks were only the beginning. When I began, I had absolutely no idea that I could be creative with design. My goal has always been and always will be to continue learning and accepting new challenges. I strive to be the best I can be and provide the best products and longest lasting value for each customer.

Building Decks That Are Uniquely Yours

This approach goes into every project. The result is a one of a kind project that is uniquely yours based on your vision and my creativity of design.
Today my values are so set in appreciation for my customers. The company I've built and my staff is where I've always wanted to be in business. My vision has become reality and now we'd like to share this with you, your family and friends.
Let us help you realize your vision for a luxurious outdoor living space. That's our passion.
Dan Troxel
Owner, Decks, Lights and Design by Dan
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